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On The Verge Of The Unthinkable, Truth: An Existential Threat To The Government

Articles: On the verge of the unthinkable

Can we stop this deadly Iran deal?
Perhaps. (Partially.)
Should we try?
Yes. With every fiber of our being.
To the first point, there are two major hurdles that make stopping this deal nearly impossible.
First, there are the numbers needed in Congress to override Obama’s veto. At this time, the numbers aren’t there. But perhaps we can change that.
Second, even if Congress is able to override Obama’s veto, we cannot stop the full scope of the deal from going into effect. As John Bolton explained during an interview on Fox News, because Obama partnered with European nations, they will still honor the deal irrespective of our actions.  
Obama intentionally surrendered our sovereignty to Europe.
And that doesn’t even take into account Russia or China.
According to Bolton, all Congress can do is stop Obama from lifting sanctions. And if that happens, it triggers a clause in the deal that releases Iran from its responsibilities with respect to nuclear agreements.
To the latter point, I’m not convinced it means much. There’s no reason to think Iran would uphold its end of the bargain no matter what the circumstance. Nor am I convinced the deal allows the West any meaningful ability to monitor Iran’s behavior. More importantly, I have no confidence the West would take action against Iran even if they did catch Iran breaking its end of the bargain. Quite the opposite.
But back to the sanctions for a moment. American sanctions have the strongest economic impact on Iran compared to sanctions from other countries. Sanctions relief will also increase the chances that Iran would have enough money to buy a nuclear weapon from another country, such as North Korea. Given the choice between the United States keeping sanctions in place, or not, it’s a no brainer to keep them in place. So while this would not “kill the deal,” as they say, it’s still meaningful.
In addition, a Congressional vote against the deal -- one large enough to override Obama’s veto -- would send a message to the rest of the world that America does not stand with a nuclear Iran. And we certainly don’t fund it to the tune of 150 billion dollars.
How surreal it is to type these words. We are writing, reading, talking, screaming, raging, witnessing, and fearing our country becoming an enabler of the largest state sponsor of terror in the world. That we are on the verge of helping a nation that wants to destroy us, acquire the weapons to do so. That we are aligning ourselves with the 21st century Hitler. And that we must take action -- no less fight a nearly impossible fight -- to curb this descent into evil, madness, and hell.
As John Podhoretz wrote in Commentary Magazine:
The United States and its allies have struck a deal with Iran that effectively ensures that it will be a nuclear state with ballistic missiles in 10 years, assuming Iran adheres to the deal’s terms, which is a very large assumption…The president and the secretary of state are making large claims for the deal that are not true; the same will be true of all of its signatories, who are seeing Nobel stars in their eyes…and while those of us who see Iran’s nuclearization as the threshold threat for the rest of the 21st century will not be silent and will not give up the fight against it, it is appropriate to take a moment to despair that we — the United States and the West — have come to this.
Yes. Despair. That it has come to this.
And, yes. Not giving up the fight.
Each of us must do everything in our power to create a small miracle -- to maximize the chance that Congress can override the veto of the evil enabler of terror who sits in the oval office.
Will our actions matter? I don’t know. Like many readers, I have become cynical and increasingly hopeless. I have lost confidence that my voice counts for anything.
And yet.
How can any of us live with ourselves if we didn’t do everything possible to ensure a future for ourselves and our children? To live.
You don’t have to be optimistic when taking political action. People can have serious doubts about the outcome of their efforts and still put forth the effort.
And mind you, the effort is nothing monumental. It doesn’t take an enormous amount of time or energy (not that that’s the point). It doesn’t require that we put our life in harm’s way or take a huge risk we are unwilling to take. (Obama is doing that for us.) All we need to do is contact our elected officials to say we are against the Iran deal.
Will they listen? I don’t know. Will they care? I don’t know. The cynic in me believes most are dug in and know how they will vote irrespective of how many call to voice their opposition.
And yet.
Imagine your child or grandchild living in a world with a nuclear Iran. Imagine your child or grandchild asking what you did to try to stop it. And imagine you saying you couldn’t be bothered to take a couple of minutes out of every day for a few weeks to make a few phone calls.
Imagine your child or grandchild asking you why you didn’t do it. And imagine telling them  you couldn’t be bothered because it wouldn’t matter. And when they ask you how you knew it wouldn’t matter, you tell them it hadn’t seemed to matter in the past so you assumed it wouldn’t matter now.
And they say: But still. Why didn’t you try?
And you have to look them in the eye and defend your cynicism and hopelessness, while all-the-while you want them to be fighters.
How can anyone be so cynical, so hopeless, or so apathetic to be unwilling to expend even an ounce of energy to press for votes against this deal?
Because unlike any other dangerous move Obama has made against America, this time the stakes are as high as they get. Obama has shoved the United States (and Israel) in front of a speeding train with barely room to maneuver to free ourselves.
Perhaps this precipice that Obama has brought us to is so unthinkable, so surreal, and so terrifying that it tests the limits of our ability to truly grasp what it means. Perhaps we retreat into denial. Or perhaps the prospect of a nuclear Iran is somewhat abstract. It’s a country far away from us. And maybe we somewhat simplistically think Israel will take care of Iran.
Whatever the case, we cannot allow ourselves to remain passive.
Taking action doesn’t require us to fit into a box or don a label, be it “conservative,” “grass roots,” “activist,” “patriot,” and so on. It’s enough that we’re American. And for that reason, we never give up.
Here is some information for those who will not give up, despite apathy, discouragement, disillusionment, hopelessness, frustration, as well as a hefty dose of rage. Time is of the essence. The vote is days away.

The United States is not a constitutional republic. It is an oligarchy controlled by wealthy financiers who hire politicians to pass legislation beneficial to them and employ journalists to keep the citizens ignorant and compliant.
Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans believe in democracy. It is simply an ideological contest between two different forms of totalitarianism based on big government, where they represent only themselves in their pursuit of personal power and profit.
The following article is written by Lawrence Sellin who writes for
Over the last hundred years, the Democrat Party has moved farther and farther to the left, evolving from populism to Marxism and developing an operational model resembling that of the mafia. Its leaders are a gaggle of coffeehouse communists and unindicted felons, who seek the lifestyles of the rich and famous while practicing the politics of Joseph Stalin.
The Republicans are democratic only in the sense that they are willing to sell their votes to the highest bidder, where their political power and, ultimately, compensation from their rich donors increase proportionally with the expansion of government.
The federal government is now an industry competing with the private sector for revenues and resources; but, unlike the private sector, government is unconstrained by regulation and the rule of law.
The cost of public-sector pay and benefits, for example, which in many cases far exceed what comparable workers earn in the private sector, combined with hundreds of billions of dollars in unfunded pension liabilities for retired government workers, are weighing down the economy.
The fundamental problem is public-sector collective bargaining. It is appropriate in the private sector, where workers bargain with private, profit-making corporations and where market forces provide an independent check on both sides’ demands.
Yet there is an unholy alliance and a mutually beneficial relationship for money and votes between Democrats and public sector unions, which, in terms of government services, translate into higher costs, lower efficiency, and, worst of all, less democracy.
Why are such illogical and dishonest policies allowed to continue? Because it is profitable.
To foster big government from which they personally benefit, the Democrats nurture a Marxist-type victim class, while the Republicans serve the affluent–both at the expense of the Middle Class, whose propensities toward liberty and accountability represent a threat to the hopelessly corrupt status quo that the two major parties and the media endeavor so vigorously to protect.
Ergo, the War on the Middle Class, now pursued by both Democrats and Republicans, albeit for different reasons.
As a consequence and, not surprisingly, today, the main activity of the federal government is lying. Barack Obama lied to get elected, lied to enact his policies, and lied when those policies failed. In response, the Republicans added cowardice to their own set of lies.
As George Orwell noted: “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
That is why the political establishment and the media find Donald Trump so frightening: the danger that the truth might be spoken.
There is, however, a greater peril – when blatant and outrageous lies are no longer sufficient to soothe the electorate into complacency, such a government must begin to curtail liberty and oppress the people in order to sustain itself, an approach with which both Democrats and Republicans find agreement.
The United States is on the cusp of a second civil war, one to determine who should control the federal government. It is not a contest between the Democrats and Republicans or liberals and conservatives, but a battle between the entrenched power and tyranny of the bipartisan political-media establishment versus the rights and liberties of the American people.
Only the truth will set us free.

As many readers know, a temporary restraining order was issued that prohibits The Center for Medical Progress from releasing undercover videos that have investigative footage of Stem Express.
Stem Express is a biotech company that does stem cell research using, among other things, organs and body parts of aborted babies, which they, and those in the abortion industry, refer to as “fetal tissue.” The “tissue” from many of these babies is supplied through Planned Parenthood.
One could only wonder what kind of incriminating evidence is on the videotapes that would prompt Stem Express to seek such an injunction against The Center for Medical Progress.
But now, perhaps, it is less of a mystery.
In a CNN interview on Friday, David Daleiden, of The Center for Medical Progress, stated:
In a meeting with their top leadership, they admitted that they sometimes get fully intact fetuses shipped to their laboratory from the abortion clinics they work with, and that could be prima facie evidence of born alive infants. And so that’s why they’re trying to suppress that videotape and they’re very scared of it.
The possibility that babies born alive during “botched abortions” have been used to harvest organs was also raised during an exchange in the fourth undercover video. At one point when discussing the best way to harvest intact organs and body parts, the abortionist said:
Sometimes, you know, if we get, if someone delivers before we are able to see them for a procedure, then we are intact.
To what was she referring? I can only assume a late-term or “partial birth” abortion, which is a process that takes several days, during which time the baby is killed inside the womb and delivered still born. But as has been well documented, there are situations when the baby is born alive. (See hereherehere, and here among numerous examples.)
And so, one must ask: was the abortionist talking about infanticide? And has Stem Express received dead babies who were born alive who were murdered or left to die after they were born?

Back in 1998, Senator Joe Lieberman spoke in the US Senate and called out President Clinton's behavior. He did not vote to convict President Clinton a few months later, but expressed his concerns with Oval Office behavior.  
Will some Democrat do the same today? Or is the party in the tank for Planned Parenthood?   
Where is President Obama or Secretary Clinton?  
According to news reports, the Obama White House is attacking the people who made the videos:

The White House called a string of videos depicting the process of tissue and organ harvesting from aborted fetuses the work of 'extremists' today and charged that there's no evidence that Planned Parenthood has broken any laws.
President Barack Obama's spokesman, Josh Earnest, told Daily Mail Online he did not know whether the president had seen any of the controversial videos, including a new one, released online this morning, but the president is aware of them and still believes the group is worthy of federal funding.
Earnest accused the group's critics of attempting to play politics 'with some selectively edited videos' and gave and reiterated the White House's opinion that the videos, produced by a pro-life group going by the name Center for Medical Progress, are not accurate representations of the conversations that took place. 

Sorry but this is sad, really sad. 
First, the videos were for edited for TV but a full version is available in the website. 
Second, are Democrats comfortable with what they saw? Talking about baby parts over salad and wine? 
The Democrats need to be very careful because the abortion issue is a problem with Hispanics, according to a new poll:

A survey by Public Religion Research Institute was released last Friday that shows how Hispanic millennials are far more pro-life than their white counterparts. “How Race and Religion Shape Millennial Attitudes on Sexuality and Reproductive Health” reported that 54% of Hispanic millennials responded that they believed abortion should be illegal in most or all cases, compared to 45% who believe it should be legal.

That poll was taken before these videos were released. 
It would be wise for a Democrat to call out Planned Parenthood. Say that such activities are perhaps illegal. Maybe even call it barbaric!   
It is sad if we've reached the point where the Democrats are the party of abortion, including baby parts after 12 weeks!  

'Implantables Are Coming, Sharp Rise In RAF Planes Scrambling To Face Down Russian Planes, China, Russia To Hold Joint Naval, Air Drills

Forget About The Apple Watch, Implantables Are Coming - Forbes

That is right, the implantable. In the past decade of tech innovation, connectivity has been the name of the game. Call your friend in the middle of the night in Antarctica. Facetime with your sister on vacation in India. Talk about the movie you saw with friends in London. Anything is possible with the push of a button and now with the Apple Watch, you can do it all with the twist of a dial. But this is just the beginning of what Silicon Valley has in store for us in the name of connectivity. We’re about to enter the next level of high tech innovation – connecting with yourself.

And the most efficient and accurate way to do that is with the next wave of sensor based smart devices – those you can implant into your body. It might sound like something you’d see in a science fiction movie, but my prediction is that in the next three to five years, implantable devices will become about as normal as wearing the latest watch.

The movement into an era of implantables is already in full swing with wearables and attachables like FitBit. These are just the first generation of gadgets that go beyond monitoring and measuring your body movements. Startups like Thync are pushing the envelope with their neurosignaling patch that uses low voltage electrical currents to alter a person’s mood and energy. News of Google's smart contact lens has the tech industry excited to see how they might monitor a person’s glucose levels or other vital signs with the technology. And these are just the daily applications. Developments in the world of healthcare are reaching new heights. Some devices are not only preventative, they can also improve conditions and even save lives.

The federal government has also jumped on the bandwagon in support of new scientific discoveries. The White House’s “BRAIN” Initiative pulled together over $300 million in funding from technology firms, academic institutions and scientists to better understand the human mind – and affect it. They aim to find treatments for Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, autism, depression and more. New brain implantables that use a wireless remote control to deliver drugs and light are already in the testing process. One such interface, the BATTELLE Neurolife, is designed to let the brain bypass the spinal cord. The smaller-than-a-pea sized chip was recently implanted into a quadriplegic’s brain. The device interprets his brain signals and works with an electrode stimulation sleeve that helps the patient move muscles.

Implantables can save lives, improve health, prevent diseases and even begin to make us superhuman. But with all great opportunities also comes increased risk and potential for harm. With implantables, the stakes are high. The data collected with implantable devices is so personal. So, the risk of hacking puts everyone associated with your business – investors, buyers and other businesses – on edge. In order to assuage their fears and prevent harm, security at every level must be airtight. Further, implantables require tremendous quality and safety controls to prevent a whole range of potential harm.

The pros and cons associated with each new innovation in implantables are significant. And the market is moving fast – there is a lot of opportunity. If you want to start a company in the space, I would encourage you to consider building one that mitigates the negative risks. You could address the need for quality controls and safeguards. Or, you could focus on the security, and build a business to protect consumers. As much as people will pay to improve and enhance their health, they will also pay to protect it. Let’s find solutions for the risks implantables bring, so we can fully enjoy the benefits.

The number of times RAF fighters have been scrambled to face down Russian jets over Eastern Europe has dramatically increased, it emerged today.

News of the spike in activity on Nato’s borders comes as new pictures were released showing Typhoons intercepting Russian fighters last week.

The Ministry of Defence images taken last Friday show RAF fighters shadowing three types of aircraft on a single mission above the Baltic Sea. The RAF pilots followed the Russian aircraft until they moved away from Estonian airspace.

British pilots scrambled from their base in Amari, Estonia, have already this year far exceeded the number of missions flown in the previous 12 months. Last year the total number of similar missions flown by RAF pilots involved in Nato’s Baltic Air Policing initiative was 13. With several months left of this year the number has already reached 18.

The rise is partly down to RAF planes currently being placed on a higher degree of readiness than other Nato jets, but MoD sources confirm increased Russian activity is also responsible.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said the rise in RAF action showed the UK’s “vital importance” to European security.

Mr Fallon said: “Once more the RAF and our state of the art Typhoon fighters have demonstrated our commitment to Nato’s collective defence.

“Air interceptions such as this highlight the vital importance of the UK’s contribution to the Baltic Air Policing mission and demonstrate our collective resolve to protect Nato airspace alongside our allies.”

Yesterday Latvian armed forces reported a group of 12 Russian combat aircraft close to its airspace.

Meanwhile the Russian government-owned Tass news agency reported that Moscow would deploy its new Armata tanks to divisions in its Western military district by Christmas.
In a new naval strategy published earlier this week, Moscow highlighted an increased focus on the Atlantic and Arctic.

Tension between the West and Russia have been increasingly strained since Mr Putin ordered his troops to annex the Crimea in 2014.

The EU and US has since accused Moscow of fomenting the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine and have imposed economic sanctions in response.

China and Russia will hold joint military drills in the waters and airspace of the Sea of Japan, Beijing said Thursday, the latest defenSe cooperation between the countries.
The exercises will take place Aug. 20-28 in the Peter the Great Gulf and other areas off the Russian coast, Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told reporters.
A key purpose of the drills was to "further enhance their capabilities of jointly coping with maritime security threats," Yang said, adding they will include training in air defense, anti-submarine and surface warfare, and
China will send seven naval ships including a destroyer and a frigate, along with fighter jets and other aircraft, Yang said. Russia's contingent will include surface vessels, submarines and fixed wing
aircraft, he said, adding that both sides will dispatch ship-borne helicopters
and marines.

The drills come as Beijing and Moscow intensify cooperation in military, political and economic spheres.
In May they conducted their first joint naval exercises in European waters in the Black Sea and Mediterranean. It was China's farthest ever naval
exercise from its home waters.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Turkey: America's New Sweetheart - Also Busted For 'Massively Supporting ISIS', America's Enemies Within

Turkey – America’s New Sweetheart | New Eastern Outlook

 Israel has been the American sweetheart in the Middle East for nearly 70 years, trying to expand its influence over other countries of the region “in the name of US prosperity.” However, times have changed and this “union” has been going down in flames. 

But it is not alone, since a similar fate awaited yet another favorite of Washington – Saudi Arabia who in exchange for certain “services”, like control over international oil markets, the creation of Al-Qaeda, and the implanting of the seeds of religious discord in certain states is now repaid by the total disregard and the future disintegration of the kingdom, in accordance to Ralph Peters’ map.

That is why, while Washington has been busy redrawing the Middle East for it to better serve its own best interests, America decided to choose a new favorite – Turkey, that should replace the old ones which are of little use for the White House anymore.

This choice, of course, was not random. The Unites States has been developing the plan that would allow it to approach Turkey, while containing its influence at the same time, for quite a while. In order to achieve this, American think tanks decided to exploit a number of regional problems and contradictions. In some ways Washington is actively using its influence to block Turkey’s expansion, but leaving its ambitions intact, in hopes that this would result in clashes with major regional powers, including Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and others.

 Turkey is marked by a combination of military and non-military advancements, with a strong emphasis on the former aspect. Close bilateral military cooperation was perfectly complemented by the fact that Turkey did join the North Atlantic Alliance, which allowed Washington to install a number of bases on Turkish territory along with providing training to Turkish army units by using NATO’s capabilities.

Today Turkish armed forces are a force to be reckoned with, with a total of 630,000 soldiers who are well trained and provided with modern weapons and naval ships. In fact, the Turkish army is the second largest in NATO, which can be explained by the fact that army is a key element of the Turkish traditional society.

Once the military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq began, the importance of the role Turkey played in the United States political games greatly increased. The Republic of Turkey is also pivotal in the diversification of exports of hydrocarbons on the Eurasian continent. This goal is facilitated by the fact that Turkey has the largest oil port – Iskenderun, which is strategically important for the economies of the West, as well as the armies and navies of NATO countries.

Turkey’s special status in American foreign policy was underlined by the visit of Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, General John Allen to Ankara in early July. John Allen has not simply negotiated the use of the Incirlik Air Base for American military operations in the region, he has also talked Turkish generals into taking part in them. This time it’s the Kurds who must take the beating, despite the fact that Washington has repeatedly used them for its own purposes only to turn its back on them later on, but Turks are willing to allow their territory to be used against Iran, Russia and China as well.

How this “love duet” of US and Turkey plays out – only time will tell, but for some reason the sight of former American minions implies that Turkey is compelled to join their ranks in the near future, once it has fulfilled the role that has been assigned to it by Washington.

NATO member Turkey has been busted supporting ISIS.

The Guardian reported this week:

In the wake of the raid that killed Abu Sayyaf, suspicions of an undeclared alliance have hardened. One senior western official familiar with the intelligence gathered at the slain leader’s compound said that direct dealings between Turkish officials and ranking Isis members was now “undeniable”.

“There are hundreds of flash drives and documents that were seized there,” the official told the Observer. “They are being analysed at the moment, but the links are already so clear that they could end up having profound policy implications for the relationship between us and Ankara.”

However, Turkey has openly supported other jihadi groups, such as Ahrar al-Sham, which espouses much of al-Qaida’s ideology, and Jabhat al-Nusra, which is proscribed as a terror organisation by much of the US and Europe. “The distinctions they draw [with other opposition groups] are thin indeed,” said the western official. “There is no doubt at all that they militarily cooperate with both.”

While the Guardian is one of Britain’s leading newspapers, many in the alternative press have longpointed out Turkey’s support for ISIS.

On Tuesday, Turkey proclaimed that it will now help to fight ISIS.
Don’t buy it …
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson – former chief of staff to Colin Powell, and now distinguished adjunct professor of Government and Public Policy at William & Mary – asked yesterday:
What is [Turkish president] Erdogan’s ultimate purpose? He hates Assad. He’d love to bring him down. Is that why he’s doing this?
There’s also the Kurds …
As Time Magazine pointed out in June:
Ethnic Kurds—who on Tuesday scored their second and third significant victories over ISIS in the space of eight days—are by far the most effective force fighting ISIS in both Iraq and Syria.
And yet Turkey is trying to destroy the Kurds. Time writes:
Since [Turkey announced that it was joining the war against ISIS] it has arrested more than 1,000 people in Turkey and carried out waves of air raids in neighboring Syria and Iraq. But most of those arrests and air strikes, say Kurdish leaders, have hit Kurdish and left wing groups, not ISIS.

Hoshang Waziri, a political analyst based in Erbil, says the Kurds’ recent territorial gains in Syria along Turkey’s border and their increasing political legitimacy in the eyes of the West, have made the Kurds a bigger threat to Turkey than ISIS. “The fear of the Turkish state started with the Kurdish defeat of ISIS in Tel Abyad,” says Waziri.

“The image in the West of the Kurds as a reliable ally on the ground is terrifying for Turkey,” says Waziri. “So before it’s too late, Turkey waged its war — not against ISIS, but against the PKK.”

Some see the war against ISIS simply as a cover for an attack on Kurdish groups. Of the more than 1,000 people Turkey has arrested in security sweeps in recent days, 80% are Kurdish, associated either with the PKK or the non-violent Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), says ─░brahim Ayhan, a member of parliament for the HDP.

The Kurds are Islamic State’s ideological opposites. The Kurds have been fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq for some time; in particular, the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) in northern Syria has been among the most effective forces at repelling ISIS efforts to take control of the Syrian-Turkish border. Kurdish military resistance in Syria and, to a lesser extent, the Kurdish autonomous government in Iraq have shouldered the lion’s share of the ground conflict against Islamic State, standing their ground at high cost and with limited support from the Western coalition

Even the most mainstream of news outlets are unable to completely obscure the fact that Turkey’s ISIS “offensive” may amount to nothing more than a smokescreen, as Erdogan launches a renewed effort to crush the PKK and nullify opposition gains won at the ballot box early last month when, for the first time in more than a decade, AKP [Erdogan’s party] lost its parliamentary majority.

In the final analysis, Turkey wants Assad out of Syria and that means backing anyone and everyone who is willing to help make that happen (including ISIS) with the exception of the PKK, who Ankara is keen on crushing especially after June’s election results. So now, Turkey will use ISIS as an excuse to procure NATO support for a politically motivated rout of Kurdish “terrorists”. The West will hope that ISIS will suffer more damage than YPG, Turkey will hope that PKK and, by extension, YPG will suffer more damage than ISIS, and everyone – Ankara, Washington, ISIS, and PKK – will hope the when the dust (and blood) finally settles, Bashar al-Assad will have met a Gaddafi-esque end.

So Turkey isn’t really going after ISIS … instead, the ruling party is going after its main political threat – the Kurds – and continuing its long-term effort to overthrow Syria’s Assad.

My 87-year-old black Dad called to say he wanted to congratulate me for my perseverance. “You finally have me and all your siblings (4) agreeing with you.” 
My deep desire is to alert my son, daughter, and other non-political hard-working Americans of the moral, spiritual, and cultural evil threatening to overtake our great nation. No longer are we simply engaged in a battle of ideas -- Republican vs. Democrat, liberal vs. conservative. America's choice of governing has become far more daunting -- light vs. darkness, good vs. evil. “Choose ye this day, whom you will serve.”

Despite Leftist merchants of evil using big words and arrogant condescension to convince us that morality is relative, we instinctively know some things are good and some things are bad. Equally annoying is Leftists' air of superiority -- claiming to care more than us commoners about equality, saving the planet and all life; their evil intentions hidden beneath a shroud of faux compassion.

Leftists have what I call their no-pictures-please policy. They get fuming mad whenever anyone accurately describes, visualizes, or shows pictures of procedures and behaviors the Left has demanded that Americans embrace. 

For example: Leftists want women to freely kill their babies all the way up to moments before birth. The last thing they want the public to see is video of the partial birth abortion procedure. 
Yes, I am unequivocally saying liberals/Democrats (Leftists) are forcing their evil agenda down America's throat. “Forcing” is exactly what the Left is doing. Americans typically vote against Leftists' desire to make abhorrent behavior mainstream and transform America into a welfare state. Leftists send in their activist judges to overturn the will of We the People. After verbally slapping us around calling us racist, sexist, and homophobic, Leftist judges make what the people voted against into law.
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood… against spiritual wickedness in high places.” As I lay out the facts, you judge for yourself.
Videos exposing Planned Parenthood's inhuman thriving baby-body-parts-are-us business have horrified the nation. Americans are demanding that government stop giving PP $500 million a year of taxpayers' money.
Well, guess where the majority of PP chop shops are located? Black neighborhoods. PP founder Margaret Sanger pulled no punches. PP was started to deal with “the negro problem.” Sanger believed blacks were inferior and bred too often. Black abortions are disproportionately higher than whites.

Blacks who have not been seduced by the dark side are sounding the alarm, letting blacks know they are aborting themselves into extinction. A billboard in a black neighborhood read, “The Most Dangerous Place for An African-American Is in the Womb.” Guess who was outraged and demanded the billboard be taken down? Al Sharpton and other assorted Leftists who claim to be advocates for blacks.

Sharpton is leading the charge in the hate inspired “Black Lives Matter” movement; founded on the lie that white cops routinely murder blacks. I guess black baby lives do not matter to Sharpton when they are killed by his Leftists homeys at PP.

Here's another thing that causes one to scratch his head. Leftists are fanatical about protecting the rain forest. They say it may hold a cure for AIDS. And yet, most Leftists are obsessed with killing babies. Even after a baby survives a failed abortion, Leftists demand that medical staff let the baby die. Amazingly, a law had to be passed to end this barbaric practice

Why haven't Leftists considered the possibility that the doctor or researcher with a cure for cancer, AIDS and other diseases may have been among the 55 million babies aborted in America since 1973? 

Leftists are defending PP black marketing baby body parts. And yet, these same Leftists are tearfully outraged over the death of a furry animal and fight to their death to protect trees and imprisoned cop killers. There is something seriously wrong in people who possess such a mindset.

Good morning, Ma'am. We appreciate your patronage over the years. However, our religious conscience prevents us from baking a wedding cake for your marriage to a woman. I imagine this is pretty much how the conversation went. Well, all heck broke loose. Christian bakers Aaron and Melisa Klein had to close down their shop and state ordered to pay a lesbian couple $135,000 in absurd damages.
Good morning, Ma'am. We appreciate your patronage over the years. However, our religious conscience prevents us from baking a wedding cake for your marriage to a woman. I imagine this is pretty much how the conversation went. Well, all heck broke loose. Christian bakers Aaron and Melisa Klein had to close down their shop and state ordered to pay a lesbian couple $135,000 in absurd damages.

Check this out folks. America rallied behind the Kleins and started a donations account. When the account reached $100,000, homosexuals pressured Go-Fund-Me into shutting down the account -- claiming Go-Fund-Me was supporting hate

Okay, so first homosexual activists fined the Kleins $135k. Then, they attempted to block efforts to pay the fine. So, the fine is not about paying the lesbian couple, it is about destroying the Kleins. 

In essence, Leftists want to hang the Kleins' economically bloody carcass in the public square as a warning to Christians who refuse to betray their faith. Can you say an assault on Christians' constitutional “free exercise of religion”, boys and girls?

Scripture says “no weapon formed against us shall prosper” and “what they meant for evil, God meant for good.” The Kleins' account has reached $372,000, thus far. Praise God!
The Kleins have five kids with whom they planned to leave their business. Leftists have other plans for the Klein family.
Dad calling me about his and my siblings' conversion was really cool. However, I am constantly thinking and praying for wisdom to awaken fellow blacks and other Americans continuously played by Leftists. I rest in the knowledge that surrendering to evil is the only way we fail.
Interviewers have asked on numerous occasions, “How do you endure the name calling and hate you receive as a black conservative Republican?” I reply, “It is easy because I know I am on the right side....God's.”

[Below represents the second half of this article, which comes after citing example after example of what we have been seeing on the streets of America]

If you’re starting to feel somewhat overwhelmed, intimidated and fearful for your life and your property, you should be. Never before have “we the people” been so seemingly defenseless in the face of police misconduct, lacking advocates in the courts and in the legislatures.
So how do you survive a police encounter with your life and wallet intact?
The courts have already given police the green light to pull anyone over for a variety of reasons. In an 8-1 ruling in Heien v. North Carolina, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that police officers can pull someone over based on a “reasonable” but mistaken belief about the law.
Of course, what’s reasonable to agents of the police state may be completely unreasonable to the populace. Nevertheless, the moment those lights start flashing and that siren goes off, we’re all in the same boat: we must pull over.
However, it’s what happens after you’ve been pulled over that’s critical. Survival is the key.

Technically, you have the right to remain silent (beyond the basic requirement to identify yourself and show your registration). You have the right to refuse to have your vehicle searched. You have the right to film your interaction with police. You have the right to ask to leave. You also have the right to resist an unlawful order such as a police officer directing you to extinguish your cigarette, put away your phone or stop recording them.
However, as Bland learned the hard way, there is a price for asserting one’s rights. “Faced with an authority figure unwilling to de-escalate the situation, Bland refused to be bullied or intimidated,” writes Boston Globe contributor Renee Graham. “She understood her rights, but for African-Americans in encounters with police, the appalling price for asserting even the most basic rights can be their lives.”
So if you don’t want to get probed, poked, pinched, tasered, tackled, searched, seized, stripped, manhandled, arrested, shot, or killed, don’t say, do or even suggest anything that even hints of noncompliance when it comes to interactions with police.

One police officer advised that if you feel as if you’re being treated unfairly, comply anyhow and contest it in court later. Similarly, black parents, advising their kids on how to deal with police, tell them to just obey the officer’s orders. “The goal,” as one parent pointed out, “is to stay alive.”

It seems that “comply or die” has become the new maxim for the American police state.

Then again, not even compliance is a guarantee of safety anymore. “Police are specialists in violence,” warns Kristian Williams, who has written extensively on the phenomenon of police militarization and brutality. “They are armed, trained, and authorized to use force. With varying degrees of subtlety, this colors their every action. Like the possibility of arrest, the threat of violence is implicit in every police encounter. Violence, as well as the law, is what they represent.”

In other words, in the American police state, “we the people” are at the mercy of law enforcement officers who have almost absolute discretion to decide who is a threat, what constitutes resistance, and how harshly they can deal with the citizens they were appointed to “serve and protect.”
As I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, this mindset that any challenge to police authority is a threat that needs to be “neutralized” is a dangerous one that is part of a greater nationwide trend that sets the police beyond the reach of the Fourth Amendment. Moreover, when police officers are allowed to operate under the assumption that their word is law and that there is no room for any form of disagreement or even question, that serves to chill the First Amendment’s assurances of free speech, free assembly and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a casual “show your ID” request on a boardwalk, a stop-and-frisk search on a city street, or a traffic stop for speeding or just to check your insurance. If you feel like you can’t walk away from a police encounter of your own volition—and more often than not you can’t, especially when you’re being confronted by someone armed to the hilt with all manner of militarized weaponry and gear—then for all intents and purposes, you’re under arrest from the moment a cop stops you.

Sad, isn’t it, how quickly we have gone from a nation of laws—where the least among us had just as much right to be treated with dignity and respect as the next person (in principle, at least)—to a nation of law enforcers (revenue collectors with weapons) who treat us all like suspects and criminals?
Clearly, the language of freedom is no longer the common tongue spoken by the citizenry and their government. With the government having shifted into a language of force, “we the people” have been reduced to suspects in a surveillance state, criminals in a police state, and enemy combatants in a military empire.

What happens to the Iran nuclear deal if Iran already has a nuclear weapon?
Both Iran and North Korea were part of the A.Q. Kahn proliferation network, and bilateral trade in oil and weapons has continued despite UN resolutions designed to stop it. Ballistic missile cooperation is documented, and nuclear cooperation has been an unspoken theme in Washington. Pyongyang helped Damascus, Iran’s ally, build a secret reactor. There are reports that North Korean experts visited Iran in May to help Iran with its missile program. Pressed by reporters on the subject of North Korea-Iran nuclear cooperation a few weeks ago, even the State Department acknowledged that it takes reports of such cooperation seriously.
In 2006, again in 2009, and more recently in 2013, North Korea carried out what appear to have been nuclear tests. The tests were all small, well below the blast that was achieved by the first Hiroshima atomic bomb and the subsequent Nagasaki explosion.

When America dropped a uranium-fueled simple bomb on Hiroshima (August 1945) it achieved a blast rated at about 15 kilotons (KT). The plutonium bomb with a sophisticated triggering system, used at Nagasaki three days later, had a yield of about 20 KT. The most recent North Korean nuclear explosion, by contrast, was approximately 6 KT, much smaller and it was detonated underground. Such a bomb is not trivial: its fireball would cover about four Manhattan blocks. It is, by itself, not sufficient to destroy the city of New York, but it would do a lot of damage.

Experts think the North Koreans have been developing small nuclear warheads, which they believe explains why the blasts were so small. DIA expressed "moderate confidence" that North Korea had mastered a nuclear weapon small enough to mount on a ballistic missile, and other senior American officials agree. But in May, an NSC representative said, ““We do not think that they have that capacity.” Both sides caveat their views with the fact that there is no direct, observable evidence -- only extrapolations from events in a closed country.
If North Korea can make a small nuclear weapon, why would it?
The main threat for North Korea lies to its south. If Pyongyang wanted to use its ballistic missiles to attack South Korea with atomic warheads, U.S. spy satellites would surely pick up the preparation and preemptive action could be taken to make sure they were never launched. Thus the better nuclear option for North Korea is to do it in a more stealthy way: perhaps by using a mini submarine or a fishing boat in a key South Korean harbor. In that case, the bigger the bomb the better.

North Korea desperately needs cash to prop up a regime that has been teetering for a long time.  A good part of that cash comes from abroad, and outside of illicit activities the big money seems to be from Iran.

Given relations between the two and North Korean capabilities, it is quite possible that the North Korean tests have either been of Iranian-made warheads or of warheads made for Iran by North Korea. Which may mean Iran is shipping uranium (and possibly plutonium) to North Korea and the North Koreans are developing the warheads and testing them.

If Iran already has nuclear weapons, the agreement with the United States, Europe, and Russia is a canard, enabling Iran to bring in a lot of cash and technology while continuing to expand its nuclear program outside its borders. Ending the UN arms embargo against Iran would also allow it to ship items (warheads?) into the country without international inspection.

The nuclear deal with Iran does not consider these external relationships, or even officially recognize that they exist. Nor does it take into account that the explosions in North Korea could have been Iranian bombs. Although American intelligence is not completely confident on the matter, it is clear that the administration has heard voices of concern from within its own establishment.
This is another example of the ardor with which the Obama administration has pursued the Iran nuclear deal without regard for Iranian behavior before and during the negotiation. 

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