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Christian Genocide Continues: ISIS Kills 400 Mostly Women And Children, Christian Witness To Muslims Surge

Christian witness to Muslims surges after ISIS executions

A worldwide Christian organization says that the horrific executions of Christians by members of ISIS in Libya in February have sparked a surge in conversations between Christians and Muslims about faith.

Tami Yeager, a volunteer coordinator with the Voice of the Martyrs,reports the “vivid video footage” “did not spark division amongst Egypt’s 10 million Christians and 73 million Muslims.”
Quite the contrary, she said, “the declarations of faith uttered by the men only moments before their death have created fertile soil for conversation between Muslims and Christians.”
Her report appeared on the VOM blog site this week as a followup to a trip to the Middle East. The Christians killed by ISIS in February were mostly Egyptians who had gone to Libya for various jobs.
The ISIS video shows black-clad executioners leading a line of Christians down onto a beach then executing them.
Yeager reported: “Militants released video footage of the martyrdom of Coptic Christian men in Libya. The footage of their martyrdom included a caption that read – ‘The people of the cross, followers of the hostile Egyptian church.’ The 21 men who knelt before their persecutors were identified as ‘people of the cross,’ and asked to deny their faith or die. Many of the men are seen uttering their final words on this earth – ‘Lord Jesus Christ.’”
She said the statement of faith exhibited by the men “sparked the Bible Society of Egypt’s biggest campaign ever.”
“A Bible tract was created and sent to print within 36 hours following their public executions. Titled ‘Two Rows by the Sea,’ it carries a message of hope, comfort, and forgiveness for both Christians and Muslims alike. The Bible tract has been widely received in Egypt with 1.6 million copies distributed.”
She said one man who lost two brothers that day went on Egyptian television to thank ISIS for including their statements of faith in the video so that the world could see.
Yeager spotlighted another remarkable story:  It wasn’t discovered until later that one of the men wasn’t a Christian when he was led to his execution.
He was identified as Matthew Ayairga of Chad.
“He is believed to not have been a Christian before kneeling in the sand beside the ‘people of the cross,’” Yeager reported. “Witnessing the courage and faith of the Egyptian Christians, he also chose to follow Jesus. Mere moments before Matthew was executed, his executors are seen asking, “Do you reject Christ?’ His reply was, “Their God is my God.’”

Franklin Graham, CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, posted on Facebook that eventually ISIS will bow to Jesus.
He was lamenting the fact that when ISIS released a video of the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya, Muslim leaders were silent.
“Can you imagine the outcry if 21 Muslims had been beheaded by Christians? Where is the universal condemnation by Muslim leaders around the world?” he wrote.
“We’d better take this warning seriously as these acts of terror will only spread throughout Europe and the United States. If this concerns you like it does me, share this,” he said.
He added, “The evil of ISIS really shouldn’t shock us – it is fully in keeping with their ultimate agenda of hastening a final apocalypse.”
That a “final battle” will come is confirmed in the Bible, he said, and it “will result in the defeat of Satan and all those allied with him.”
He continued, “One thing is for sure – one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the father.”

Islamic State militants have killed at least 400 people in Syria's ancient city of Palmyra, mostly women and children, Syrian state television said Sunday, citing residents.
According to Reuters, opposition activists on social media claimed that hundreds of bodies were in the streets of the city.
"The terrorists have killed more than 400 people.. and mutilated their bodies, under the pretext that they cooperated with the government and did not follow orders," a Palmyra resident told Syria's state news agency.
State employees were among hundreds killed in the massacre. Among them was the head of of nursing department at the hospital and all her family.
Videos posted by Islamic State supporters showed the militants entering governmental buildings in search of Syrian soldiers. They were also seen pulling down pictures of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his father, Hafez Assad, Reuters reported.
At least 300 troops were killed in battles before the city was captured, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
"A bigger number of troops have disappeared and it is not clear where they are," Rami Abdulrahman, from the monitoring group, told Reuters.

A rare glimpse into Hezbollah's underground tunnels was provided on Friday by Lebanese publication As-Safir, which is associated with the militant organization.

The report praised Hezbollah's activities and painted it as a strong army ready for battle. While it is difficult to verify the claims in the article, it contained a rare discussion of the tunnels by Hezbollah members.

The reporter wrote that in order to meet Hezbollah fighters near the Israeli border in southern Lebanon, he travelled from the city of Tyre and was required to stop at a house known to locals as a Hezbollah headquarters, where he changed into a military uniform to blend in to his surroundings and to confound Israeli drones. 

The report described Hezbollah's observations unit on the border, claiming it has been upgraded and is waiting for battle.
The tunnels were discussed several times, but not as an offensive tactic to infiltrate Israel, like the ones used by Hamas during Operation Protective Edge – a greatly concerning prospect for residents in the north. Instead, the tunnels were described as a means to launch rockets from Lebanese territory. 

The report claimed that Hezbollah has upgraded its tunnels and that they are located at sensitive spots near the border. "It is true that the enemy discovered the ramifications of the tunnel technology in the Second Lebanon War, but the tactic has developed since then," said the newspaper. 

"The type of concrete has changed, the ventilation system is different, and the methods for customizing weapons and food have changed. Electricity is provided to tunnels 24 hours a day with the use of generators set up underground."

"The war has not yet arrived, but it could arrive one of these days. Therefore building of new fortifications and tunnels continues around the clock, and instead of tens of thousands of rockets ready for launch there are now hundreds of thousands."

Hezbollah fighters with whom the reporter spoke said that the group's fighting in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen is a continuation of its campaign against Israel. "Its fingerprints are obvious everywhere, and if it's not her (Israel) – then they are her allies' fingerprints," said one.

"Anyone who thinks the organization's presence in Syria comes at the expense of our presence here in the heart of the south is mistaken. Israel is well aware of this, and if it weren't, it would not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity." 

The article also reported seeing a structure containing a 120mm artillery gun that appeared to be aimed towards a specific Israeli target.

President Obama and the Vatican under the leadership of Pope Francis are equally committed to elevating climate change to a top public policy priority, ahead of issues such as the continued surge of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and its massacre of Christians.

But they are ignoring a growing body of scientific evidence challenging the assumptions on which the theory of human-caused “climate change” is based, critics contend.

Marc Morano, editor of the website, called President Obama’s speech on the subject Wednesday at the Coast Guard Academy commencement “politically contrived nonsense,” arguing “scientific studies, data and history refute Obama’s climate/national security claims.”

“The president’s speech was so farcical in its claims that it hardly merits a response,” Morano said in a statement posted on “Contrary to the president’s claims, it seems ISIS may in fact trump ICE as a bigger concern.”
Morano said that “believing Obama’s climate claims undermines our nation’s ability to distinguish real threats from politically contrived nonsense.”
Morano cited evidence to support the conclusion that the presumed scientific link between anthropogenic climate change and extreme weather events is “weak (or worse) on scientific ground.” He noted it has been nine years since a Category 3 or grater hurricane has struck the United States, with the last being Hurricane Wilma in October 2005. Also, the U.S. tornado count has plummeted to record lows in three consecutive years, 2012 through 2014.

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., the author of the 2012 WND book, “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future,” observed that Obama’s speech Wednesday shows the White House is getting “more desperate.”

“The president’s speech at the Coast Guard Academy stating his belief that climate change poses the greatest threat to future generations is a severe disconnect from reality,” Inhofe said in a statement posted on his Senate website.

“While the president has spent at least $120 billion on climate change initiatives since first taking office, he has also set into motion more than $1 trillion in budget cuts to our national defense,” Inhofe stressed.
He noted that when he talks to military personnel, whether in Oklahoma or overseas, their greatest concern is not climate change.
“Instead, what I hear is their concern for global instability, the disarming of America and the lack of vision from their commander-in-chief,” he said.

On April 28, at the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences, the Vatican held a much publicized meeting “on climate change and sustainable humanity” attended by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon; Cardinal Peter Turkson, the head of the Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace; and Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs, a leading academic advocate for the United Nation’s “sustainable development” agenda.
The Vatican conference, like President Obama, stressed the need for government action to curb climate change.

“Political leaders of all U.N. member states have a special responsibility to agree at COP21 to a bold climate agreement that confines global warming to a limit safe for humanity, while protecting the poor and the vulnerable from ongoing climate change that gravely endangers their lives,” the statement stressed.
“Climate-change mitigation will require a rapid world transformation to a world powered by renewable and other low-carbon energy and the sustainable management of ecosystems,” the statement continued. “These transformations should be carried out in the context of globally agreed Sustainable Development Goals, consistent with ending extreme poverty; ensuring universal access for healthcare, quality education, safe water, and sustainable energy; and cooperating to end human trafficking and all forms of modern slavery.”
In his opening address to the Vatican conference, U.N. Secretary General Ban declared that climate change is “the defining issue of our time.”

From the first sudden, and quite dramatic, appearance of the fanatical Islamic group known as ISIS which was largely unheard of until a year ago, on the world's stage and which promptly replaced the worn out and tired al Qaeda as the world's terrorist bogeyman, we suggested that the "straight to beheading YouTube clip" purpose behind the Saudi Arabia-funded Islamic State was a simple one: use the Jihadists as the vehicle of choice to achieve a political goal: depose of Syria's president Assad, who for years has stood in the way of a critical Qatari natural gas pipeline, one which could dethrone Russia as Europe's dominant - and belligerent - source of energy, reaching an interim climax with the unsuccessful Mediterranean Sea military build up of 2013, which nearly resulted in quasi-world war.
The narrative and the plotline were so transparent, even Russia saw right through them. Recall from September of last year:

If the West bombs Islamic State militants in Syria without consulting Damascus, LiveLeak reports that the anti-ISIS alliance may use the occasion to launch airstrikes against President Bashar Assad’s forces, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Clearly comprehending that Obama's new strategy against ISIS in Syria is all about pushing the Qatar pipeline through (as was the impetus behind the 2013 intervention push), Russia is pushing back noting that the it is using ISIS as a pretext for bombing Syrian government forceand warning that "such a development would lead to a huge escalation of conflict in the Middle East and North Africa."

But it's one thing to speculate; it's something entirely different to have hard proof.
And while speculation was rife that just like the CIA-funded al Qaeda had been used as a facade by the US to achieve its own geopolitical and national interests over the past two decades, so ISIS was nothing more than al Qaeda 2.0, there was no actual evidence of just this.
That may all have changed now when a declassified secret US government document obtained by the public interest law firm, Judicial Watch, shows that Western governments deliberately allied with al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups to topple Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad.
According to investigative reporter Nafeez Ahmed in Medium, the "leaked document reveals that in coordination with the Gulf states and Turkey, the West intentionally sponsored violent Islamist groups to destabilize Assad, despite anticipating that doing so could lead to the emergence of an ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

And not just that: as we reported last week, now that ISIS is running around the middle east, cutting people's heads of in 1080p quality and Hollywood-quality (perhaps literally) video, the US has a credible justification to sell billions worth of modern, sophisticated weapons in the region in order to "modernize" and "replenish" the weapons of such US allies as Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iraq.
But that the US military-industrial complex is a winner every time war breaks out anywhere in the world (usually with the assistance of the CIA) is clear to everyone by now. What wasn't clear is just how the US predetermined the current course of events in the middle east.
Now, thanks to the following declassified report, we have a far better understanding of not only how current events in the middle east came to be, but what America's puppermaster role leading up to it all, was. 

What if Putin is Telling The Truth?
On April 26 Russia’s main national TV station, Rossiya 1, featured President Vladimir Putin in a documentary to the Russian people on the events of the recent period including the annexation of Crimea, the US coup d’etat in Ukraine, and the general state of relations with the United States and the EU. His words were frank. And in the middle of his remarks the Russian former KGB chief dropped a political bombshell that was known by Russian intelligence two decades ago.
Putin stated bluntly that in his view the West would only be content in having a Russia weak, suffering and begging from the West, something clearly the Russian character is not disposed to. Then a short way into his remarks, the Russian President stated for the first time publicly something that Russian intelligence has known for almost two decades but kept silent until now, most probably in hopes of an era of better normalized Russia-US relations.
Putin stated that the terror in Chechnya and in the Russian Caucasus in the early 1990’s was actively backed by the CIA and western Intelligence services to deliberately weaken Russia. He noted that the Russian FSB foreign intelligence had documentation of the US covert role without giving details.
What Putin, an intelligence professional of the highest order, only hinted at in his remarks, I have documented in detail from non-Russian sources. The report has enormous implications to reveal to the world the long-standing hidden agenda of influential circles in Washington to destroy Russia as a functioning sovereign state, an agenda which includes the neo-nazi coup d’etat in Ukraine and severe financial sanction warfare against Moscow. The following is drawn on my book, “The Lost Hegemon” to be published soon…

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Turkey President Erdogan Calls For 'Invading And Reconquering Jerusalem'

Leading Islamic voice calls for reconquering Jerusalem

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on his countrymen to refocus on the Ottoman goal of re-conquering Jerusalem for Islam and uniting Shia and Sunni tribes for that same mission.

In a speech that got almost no coverage in the Western media, Erdogan talked about invading and reconquering Jerusalem, according to an article in the Anadolu Agency of Turkey.
“We Muslims lost our way toward Jerusalem,” he told throngs of adoring Turks while in the state of Erzincan in central Turkey. “The water of our eyes froze making us blind, and our hearts that was destined to beat for Jerusalem is now instead conditioned for rivalry being in a state of war with each other.”
Erdogan was in the city to promote numerous service projects, but the speech focused on Jerusalem.
“When you mention the worse ascension, the first thing that comes to mind is Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque,” he said, referring to the mosque that sits on the Temple Mount.
The Mount is controlled by Arab Muslim Waqf officials, who do not allow Jews to pray accept at the Western Wall. But apparently Erdogan is not satisfied with this arrangement. He told his countrymen to “ask Allah to restore the Al-Aqsa Mosque to the infallibility of the Muslims.”
Erdogan has ruled Turkey for 13 years, but the increasingly vitriolic nature of his anti-Israel rhetoric proves he has consolidated his power over the less strident Islamist views of Fethullah Gulen...
The Turkish president called on citizens to “raise their hands in supplication for this blessed night toward Allah to restore the Al-Aqsa Mosque [Jerusalem] to be re-owned by Muslims, and to remove the mist from their eyes, to see Jerusalem in their hands at every moment and at every opportunity.”
Erdogan has compared himself to Tariq Bin Ziad, who conquered Spain, Alp Arslan and Saladin.
“These are the Muslim leaders who fought Christendom, and Saladin was the one who conquered Jerusalem,” noted the blog Israel, Islam and the End Times. “He wants to declare war on the strongest fortresses to advance his foreign God, Allah, through warfare.”
“Khalifat (Caliph) literally is one who rules the world and now Erdogan wants to fulfill Zechariah 12 and 14 where Jerusalem becomes the ‘cup of trembling’ to ‘all surrounding nations’ when they storm against Jerusalem to annihilate all Israel.”

Updates From The Epicenter And Beyond

Senior Israeli diplomat: 'This land is ours' - Yahoo News

 Israel's new deputy foreign minister on Thursday delivered a defiant message to the international community, saying that Israel owes no apologies for its policies in the Holy Land and citing religious texts to back her belief that it belongs to the Jewish people.

The speech by Tzipi Hotovely illustrated the influence of hardliners in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new government, and the challenges he will face as he tries to persuade the world that he is serious about pursuing peace with the Palestinians.

Hotovely, 36, is among a generation of young hard-liners in Netanyahu's Likud Party who support West Bank settlement construction and oppose ceding captured land to the Palestinians. Since Netanyahu has a slim one-seat majority in parliament, these lawmakers could complicate any attempt to revive peace talks.

With Netanyahu also serving as the acting foreign minister, Hotovely is currently the country's top full-time diplomat.
In an inaugural address to Israeli diplomats, Hotovely said Israel has tried too hard to appease the world and must stand up for itself.
"We need to return to the basic truth of our rights to this country," she said. "This land is ours. All of it is ours. We did not come here to apologize for that."
Hotovely, an Orthodox Jew, laced her speech with biblical commentaries in which God promised the Land of Israel to the Jews. Speaking later in English, she signaled that she would try to rally global recognition for West Bank settlements, which are widely opposed.

Isis has used the latest issue of its propaganda magazine Dabiq to suggest the group is expanding so rapidly it could buy its first nuclear weapon within a year.
The hyperbolic article, which the group attributes to the British hostage John Cantlie, claims Isis has transcended its roots as “the most explosive Islamic ‘group’ in the modern world” to evolve into “the most explosive Islamic movement the modern world has ever seen” in less than twelve months.
Photojournalist Cantlie is regularly used in the terror group’s propaganda and has appeared in a number of videos, including a YouTube series called "Lend Me Your Ears". He has been held a hostage by Isis for more than two years.

The piece, entitled "The Perfect Storm", describes militant Islamist groups such as Boko Haram, which recently pledged allegiance to Isis, uniting across the Middle East, Africa and Asia to create one global movement.
The article claims this alignment of groups has happened at the sane time as Isis militants have seized “tanks, rocket launchers, missile systems, anti-aircraft systems,” from the US and Iran before turning to the subject of more extreme weapons the group is not in possession of - such as nuclear weapons.

"They’ll [Isis] be looking to do something big, something that would make any past operation look like a squirrel shoot, and the more groups that pledge allegiance the more possible it becomes to pull off something truly epic.
“Remember, all of this has happened in less than a year. How more dangerous will be the lines of communication and supply a year on from today?”

The finances of the group have been estimated by some to be in the $2billion area, though it is impossible to verify how much money it actually has access to.

Iranian officials have been thrown into a fit over distorted comments attributed to Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon that have swept across the internet and include popular anti-Israel sites.

A report by Iran's Fars news agency on Wednesday claimed that the defense minister supposedly said “We are going to hurt Lebanese civilians to include kids of the family. We went through a very long deep discussion … we did it then, we did it in [the] Gaza Strip, we are going to do it in any round of hostilities in the future,” while speaking at an unnamed "conference in Jerusale

The quote was most likely based on Ya'alon's comments from the May 5 Shurat Hadin conference. He was recounting targeting decisions in which he was involved when it first became apparent that Hezbollah was purposely placing weapons in civilian homes in Lebanon. He said that “If we don’t intercept the rocket-launchers in advance, civilians will be hurt, if not killed. If we hit the launchers, it will hurt or kill Lebanese civilians.” He said a “long, deep discussion” regarding the “moral and legal considerations” took place before the final decision to strike the rocket launcher.

Another quote attributed to Ya'alon, for which a basis could not be found, claimed that Israel would act "as the Americans did in 'Nagasaki and Hiroshima, causing at the end the fatalities of 200,000.'" 

In response, Iranian Major General Rahim Safavi threatened Israel with violence, saying that "the Zionists and the US are aware of the power of Iran and Hezbollah, and they know that over 80,000 (Iranian) missiles are ready to rain down on Tel Aviv and Haifa."

"We have displayed part of our military capabilities while we have kept many of our achievements and capabilities hidden to outsiders," a comment which comes just a month after P5+1 countries agreed to a framework deal with Iran. "Our response will be crushing not just to the Zionist regime, but to any other aggressor who intends to take action against us.

 Fernando Gentilini is the new EU Special Representative for the Middle East peace process. His tasks are to contribute to actions and initiatives leading to a  final settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on a two state solution. He will facilitate contact between the parties and contribute to setting up a possible new framework for negotiations.
As anticipated last month by, Gentilini is is been appointed today by the Council of Europe. Former director for Western Europe, Western Balkans and Turkey for the European External Action Service, Fernando Gentilini has an extensive career in foreign affairs: from May 2011 to January 2012, he was EU Special Representative in Kosovo. He will take up his duties immediately and is initially appointed until 30 April 2016 in an effort to re-launch the Process as quickly as possible.
The European Middle East position was created in 1996 after the Oslo Accords offered the prospect of real progress towards a Israel-Palestinian peace deal. Mogherini’s predecessor, Briton Catherine Ashton, abolished the office in a controversial move ai

China tried to electronically jam US drone flights over the disputed South China Sea in order to prevent surveillance on man-made islands Beijing is constructing as a part of an aggressive land reclamation initiative, US officials said.
Global Hawk long-range surveillance drones were targeted by jamming in at least one incident near the Spratly Islands, where China is building military facilities on Fiery Cross Reef, the Washington Free Beacon reported.
That statement follows Thursday reports that the Chinese navy warned a US surveillance plane to leave the same area eight times in an apparent effort to establish and enforce a no-fly zone, a demand Washington rejected.
“This is the Chinese navy … This is the Chinese navy … Please go away … to avoid misunderstanding,” a radio call in English from an installation on Fiery Cross said. The warnings were reported by CNN, which had a crew on the aircraft.
Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said the United States does not recognize China’s sovereignty claims over the new islands. He added that flights and Navy ships will continue their routine patrols, but will maintain a distance of at least 12 miles from the island.
Details of the drone interference are classified, but last week, David Shear, the assistant defense secretary for Asian and Pacific security affairs, said Global Hawks are deployed in Asia as one element of a buildup of forces near the South China Sea.
“We’re engaged in a long-term effort to bolster our capabilities in the region,” Shear told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “Just a few examples of the increases in our capabilities in the region include the deployment of Global Hawks and F-35s. Soon we will be adding to the stock of V-22s in Japan as well.”

After weeks of wrangling, Senate lawmakers approved legislation that would give President Obama "fast track" powers to negotiate international trade deals. 

The vote came after lawmakers defeated several "poison pill" amendments that would have made it difficult for the bill to become law. 

Obama released a statement praising the passage of the bill, which he called "an important step toward ensuring the United States can negotiate and enforce strong, high-standards trade agreements."

The great columns and pediments of Washington, D.C. that give it a Roman and Greek air have their origins in a lost city in the Syrian desert. After Robert Wood and James Dawkins visited the ruins of Palmyra in the eighteenth century, the illustrations of the bare columns and broken arches helped inspire neoclassical architecture. Now the city that helped inspire Washington is occupied by ISIS.

It is a historical irony that the classical architecture of our national capital where Islamic terrorists are appeased owes a good deal to a forgotten Christian outpost that surrendered to the armies of Islam.

Some would even say that history is repeating itself.

Palmyra fell when it was besieged by the savage horde of Khalid ibn al-Walid; the Sword of Allah. The Sword of Allah was known for numerous atrocities. One particularly gruesome account describes how he murdered the Arab poet and chieftain Malik ibn Nuweira for returning taxes demanded by Mohammed to his people, telling them, “Your wealth is now your own.” The Islamic IRS was even nastier than ours.

The Sword of Allah cut off Malik’s head and used it to cook dinner before raping his wife. Through such atrocities, that helped inspire the modern crimes of ISIS, the Sword of Allah was able to keep Mohammed’s conquests together after his death. When he came to Palmyra, the Sword swore by Allah that he would conquer it even if it were in heaven and capture its sons and daughters.
Hoping to save their lives, the people of Palmyra surrendered and became dhimmis. Arabic replaced Aramaic, Islam replaced Christianity and the city once founded by King Solomon mostly vanished from history. Those inhabitants who survived the terrible centuries of Islamic occupation, lost their identity, their religion and any knowledge that they were of a nobler kind than their brutal conquerors.
Palmyra falls again with its capture by ISIS. This fall may be its final one. If ISIS has its way, the ruins of the city that helped inspire the rebirth of classical architecture in England and America will be destroyed.
Like the old armies of Islam that destroyed the Library of Alexandria because its books were a threat to the totalitarian writ of the Koran, ISIS destroys the remains of the civilizations that predated Islam. It is not alone in seeking to destroy the histories of more civilized times so that none of the peoples under its rule can ever seek to better themselves by reaching for something higher and better than the Koran.

America found inspiration in ancient civilizations to reach higher. ISIS wants a world where no one can ever know that there were better men than Mohammed and the Sword of Allah, so that its followers will aspire to be nothing better than murderers and rapists, destroying the past to kill the future.

The typical method of shutting down a Mohammed cartoon event is analogous to the “heckler’s veto”. However, it goes beyond a guy at the back of the room shouting at the top of his lungs, forcing the speaker to give up and leave the mike. And it’s far more effective than a bunch of leftist boneheads standing around blowing whistles, drowning out the speaker.
All you have to do is spread the word that people are going to show up with AK-47s and perforate everyone who attends the event. That guarantees that the authorities will shut it down.
A few days ago an outfit in Ottawa decided to observe the Sixth Annual Draw Mohammed Day (which is tomorrow) by holding an event on Parliament Hill. This was the notice they sent out: 
International Draw Muhammed Day 2015
Date: Wednesday, 20th of May, 2015
Time: 13:00 to 15:00
Place: Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada
Come and join us in drawing Muhammed, the Pope’s Mother, Buddha with headphones and or any other religious/political figure!
Let’s exercise our freedom to blaspheme — while we still can!!!
We will meet by the East entrance of The Hill Where the October 22nd shooter entered The Hill) at 1 pm and walk to the North-East corner of the lawn, so we are very close to the route the shooter took. There, I will set up the table (and tent, if it rains) and we can get down to some blasphemous art!
Please, spread the word as far and wide as you can.
Well, it turned out that their freedom to blaspheme had already been taken away. This afternoon the organizers sent out this notice:

After having been given (last week) the go ahead with the Draw Muhammed Day on Parliament Hill for tomorrow, 20th of May, by the RCMP security people, I have just received a phone call (at 5:25 pm) from Canadian Heritage cancelling the event due to ‘security concerns’.
The Canadian Heritage representative said he was unable to give me further details regarding the last minute cancellation and said no appeal was possible.
Such is the state — or lack thereof — of free speech in Canada.
Thanks to all of you who helped spread the word about the planned event — please, let your contacts know that, at this late an hour, our freedom of speech has been cancelled.
So sorry,
As Vlad says:
The cancelation of this event however raises a very frightening question. Who exactly makes the laws in Canada, if an event can take place or not based on the preferences of one group acting illegally and with threat of deadly force at the federal capital buildings of Canada? This is a black day for national sovereignty in the free world and Canada especially indeed.

I am so confused. Perhaps the progressives are correct and we right-wingers are inadequately subtle and nuanced in our thinking. I know that liberals speak out against labeling and stereotyping, but that confuses me too because they have built up so many tiny little contradictory pigeonholes to stuff people into and for the life of me I can’t figure out who goes where.  

If I am afraid that Islamists might kill me, and I want to stop them, I’m Islamophobic, but a “phobia” is an unreasonable fear -- like arachibutyrophobia, an irrational, intense fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. PB is a little gluey, but that’s what the J is for, so there’s no reason for fear. No one has ever died from peanut butter stickiness. But millions have died horrifying deaths at the hands of Islamists, so it seems reasonable to have some serious concerns about their intentions. Even if only 1% are dangerous, that still makes a million of them running around with bombs and machetes. Pardon my Islamophobia, but yikes.

If, however, I’m afraid of offending said Muslims, and kowtow to their every ridiculous demand, I’m not Islamophobic, I am compassionate and multicultural and diverse. Muddle, muddle. This same principle appears when dealing with issues surrounding gay rights.

If I am against gay marriage and wish that homosexuals would keep their clothes on in public, then I’m homophobic, somehow afraid of these sequined and painted people who mostly just want to force me to say that what they do is just fine with God, who, according to them, doesn’t exist (Large question mark appears over my head).

For quite a long time I laughed at the term “homophobic” because it was so over-reactive, but given recent developments and the gay rights folk being willing to ruin, bankrupt, and dispossess Christians who are unwilling to countermand God’s instructions on marriage, perhaps it’s reasonable to be afraid of same-sex couples. But then if the fear is rational it isn’t a phobia.

Speaking of gay issues, what do we call the liberal gay male who is pro-Palestinian? Do these guys not know that Muslims in their own countries throw gay men off roofs?  And what do we call liberal women who seem comfortable with the prospect of Sharia? There’s no term for them? Allow me: Christophobic nincompoops.

Now, if one is both pro-Islamic and anti-sexist (anti-sexist=anti-male, which is, in some mysterious way, not sexist) then how can you accept the anti-female dictates of Sharia Law? Are you afraid you would be labeled mutilaphobic if you took a stand against such practices? I should also point out that Muslim men are given permission by the Koran to marry four wives, simultaneously, and to beat them whenever they wish. But we would be mistaken if we think this behavior is sexist. To think so would be provincial and naïve, completely lacking in the suavity of multiculturalism. And any woman, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Brigitte Gabriel, who speaks out against Islamic barbarism toward women is a hateful bigot -- we must somehow digest that, confounding as that may be.  

Then there’s racism; what makes a person racist? Evidently, distrusting Barack Obama and Eric Holder. But, you have to understand that their being black is not the issue. After all, it’s okay to hate Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Allen West, etc. The issue is conservative vs. progressive, not black versus white. They say that’s the point, but it isn’t. It has something to do with authenticity -- whatever that means. Obama is not of slave blood, is not poor, never has been. But he is an authentic socialist, so I assume that is the issue in racism; one must have X amount of melanin in the skin and vote Democrat -– such a person can have nothing critical said about them. I have no idea why.

That gets us to the issue of thugism. He who is prone to tearing up private property, setting fire to family businesses, shooting cops, and expecting to be paid for his trouble may mistakenly be called a thug. This is deceptive because if said thug is also black then he can’t be a thug, because thug is the new incarnation of the word n----r, which can only be used by racists (unless the speaker is authentically black). And don’t forget that racists can only be white and can only vote Republican -- in spite of the fact that slavery and racism are Democrat constructs. It was Republicans who pushed to rid our society of both. Do you see why I’m puzzled?

It’s also baffling that the aborting of black babies is not racist. That blacks appear, if the statistics are accurate, to be more babyophobic than other races mystifies me. They are dooming their own race to perpetual minority status, but it’s still racist to be against that practice. Sexist also, evidently because we only honor the vagina, the playground, and not the reproductive part of feminine power. Perplexing in the extreme.

I am beginning to understand the left’s fascination with drugs. Anyone thisrealityphobic has got to be heavily medicated to make it from one day to the next. In fact, I may need medicating if I have to listen to much more of this drivel. I don’t hate blacks, gays, or Muslims, but I do hate it when people use the smoke and mirrors of illogic and linguistic trickery to hide the fact that they have no idea what they are talking about. Call me a phobiaist, if you must call me something, and try talking sense. We’d all be happier.

Actually, the article above characterized my personal confusion over the inconsistencies listed above...Until I stumbled on the following book which I highly recommend:

Throughout the twentieth century, the Western Left supported one totalitarian killing machine after another. Prominent intellectuals venerated mass murderers such as Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Ho Chi Minh, excusing their atrocities while blaming the West, and even the victims, for the crimes. After 9/11, history repeated itself. The only difference was that the Left’s favorite murderers were waving not the red flag of proletarian revolution, but the black flag of Islamic jihad. Now, in “United in Hate,” Jamie Glazov, editor of, analyzes the Left’s contemporary romance with militant Islam as a continuation of the Left’s love affair with communist totalitarianism in the 20th Century.

In this provocative exposé, Glazov — whose childhood in Soviet Russia gives him a unique perspective on totalitarian ideologies — dissects the psychology of those who live in freedom yet yearn for its opposite. 

How can leftists in the West worship the very systems under which they themselves would perish? 

Why are Leftists, obsessed with women's rights and gay rights, walking in lockstep with a religion that not just denounces such rights but executes those trying to practice them? 

What is the pernicious mindset that views the freest country in the world as worthless and ugly? 

Why do Leftists yearn to force historical blindness upon the world — to wipe out the memory of the hundreds of millions of people who have suffered under totalitarianism? The answers are here.

Some highlights and key themes of United in Hate:

  • How the radical Left and radical Islam share a profound hatred for Western culture, for a capitalist economic structure that recognizes individual achievement, and for the Judeo-Christian heritage of the United States
  • How the Left and Islam both seek to establish a new world order — leftists in the form of a classless communist society, and Islamists in the form of a caliphate ruled by Sharia law
  • How, to achieve these goals, both are willing to ‘wipe the slate clean’ by means of limitless carnage, with the ultimate goal of erecting their utopia upon the ruins of the system they have destroyed
  • The lust for death: a foundation of the Left’s romance with militant Islam, as it was with communism Former president Jimmy Carter’s pilgrimage to Cairo, in April 2008, to meet with — and embrace — the leaders of the terrorist organization Hamas
  • How, in 2005, when U.S.-liberated Iraqi citizens twice defied terrorist threats to cast their votes in free elections, the Left greeted the news with calls for an immediate American withdrawal
  • The columnist for a prominent left-wing publications who called on her comrades to join hands with the terrorist faction of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr
  • The member of the British Parliament who calle for a global Muslim-leftist alliance against America and its allies
  • How “peace mom” became a poster child of the American Left by calling terrorists “freedom fighters” and cheering for their victory
  • How Western leftists reached out in solidarity to the terrorists of Hezbollah (“the Party of God”) after it launched hundreds of rockets into Israeli cities in 2006
  • “The U.S. has brought this on itself”: How, in the wake of 9/11, leftists blamed America for provoking it — and even praised it as a kind of karmic justice
  • How, after 9/11, leftists loud opposed the U.S. mission to oust the Taliban in Afghanistan — even though everything it represented, such as the brutal suppression of women, was supposed to be anathema to the Left
  • How the Left succeeded in making America vulnerable to 9/11 by opposing all preventive measures — including some urged by Bill Clinton — leading up to it

“The modern Left’s core consists of the ideological descendants of the communist/progressive Left that wanted the West to lose the Cold War to the Soviet Union,” writes Glazov. “Upon the foundation of their hatred for the United States, its members have forged their alliance with radical Islam, whose wellspring of anti-American hatred runs just as deep.” A timely and provocative look at the beliefs motivating America-hating Leftists, United in Hate exposes the ugly instincts that inspire both radical Islam and the radical Left — and what brings them into solidarity.